Great New Fundraising Ideas:

Fundraisng for schools, clubs, and charities is critical in today's world as donations are declining. Fundraising has been around for a long time - ticket sales, cookie bakes, home shows, and the like. Home Golf Supply has new fundraising ideas to help you survive the decline in fundraising interest.

Our low cost Golf Course Package Kits include everything you need to set up a temporary golf course for fundraising events.The Golf Course Packages come in 3, 9 or 18 golf holes. They are customizable and include all or some of the following: flagsticks, cups, flags, cup puller, hole cutters, tee markers and proximity markers. They are easy to set up and take down and are of the same quality as found at country clubs and courses today. 

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Golf Package Kit - Set of 3     Premium Package Kit - Set of 9     Premium Package Kit - Set of 18

We also have several Practice Green Package Kits that you can install in smaller areas, like a back yard or school. They are certainly fun for all ages, easy to install and take down, and economically friendly. We also sell Cup Covers so you can install the cups, cover them, and open them up when needed in seconds! If you use our Cup Stabilizer when installing, you will also ensure that the cups won't shift with time or lift when playing. See below for some Practice Green Package Ideas.

Click on the titles below to go to the selected Golf Course Package Kits.


Gimme Markers - Set of 3     Aluminum Red Head Markers     Cup and Nylon Flag Package Kit