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White Numbered Decals - Set of 2
White decal numbers No. 1-9 x 2 sets or No. 10-18 x 2 sets
$12.75 / Each
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These decals can be used to number the Gimme Markers' heads. You get 18 sets of numbers (1-9 x 2 or 10-18 x 2) for both faces of the markers.
Instructions: Clean the surfaces of the marker head and let dry completely. Carefully remove the decal and apply to the center of the marker head. Only apply a small section of the decal at first in case you need to remove it to center on marker head. After it is positioned put the rest of the decal down applying from the center to the edges. Repeat for the other face of the green marker.
NOTE: Works up to 18 holes both faces 1-9 and/or 10-18.
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